About Us

Ltd. “CDS Marine” is a Latvian registered company specializing in the industrial climbing and underwater hydrotechnical works also we have great experience in offshore sector -oil rigs( different jobs) and renewable energy- wind turbine (inspection, maintenance and repairing jobs). Our company main scope is to provide excellent and high quality services for the reasonable price.

Due to our team of experienced divers and industrial climbers we are ready to develop standard and non-standard solutions.

If you would like to request for our help or get more specific information about our fulfilled works, contact us by +371 29803937 (mobile, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or e-mail - cdsmarinesia@gmail.com. In case you have some specific needs that is not mentioned in our services list, just contact us - we will find the best solution.

Our requisits:

CDS Marine SIA
Lubaušu street 2, Jaunolaine
Olaines pag., Olaines nov.
VAT nr: LV40203072357
A/S Citadele Bank, SHIFT: PARXLV22
Acc: LV52PARX0020269040002